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Medicare Coverage Network

The Medicare Coverage Network is a Senior Advocacy and Medicare Insurance Agency specializing in supporting the Senior market.

Our Medicare Health Plan service focuses on securing affordable healthcare insurance for seniors in the changing and confusing Medicare market.

We have become the "helping-hand" and advocate for many Seniors in resolving their challenges as they move into the next chapter of their lives – RETIREMENT
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Written by Vincent F. Cerilli
A Bensalem, Pennsylvania retiree enrolled in a new Medicare Advantage Plan earlier this year and expected to KEEP HIS DOCTORS…..but “that turned out to NOT TO BE SO” reports the PA resident. 
Medicare Advantage Plans:
The good and the bad

Written By Vincent F. Cerilli
Over the last century successive United States presidents have worked to create national medical insurance plans. Since 1965 senior citizens have been receiving health coverage without having to worry about the denials from pre existing
Can I File for Medicare Without Social Security?
Written by Vincent F. Cerilli
This is a common question I hear from many of our clients as they begin their preparation for their Medicare Enrollment.   About a year and a half ago, as I headed toward my 65th Birthday, I had to address this same question.